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Carnegie Mellon class of 2022.

There’s no all-purpose substitute for subject knowledge.

It measures nothing but subject knowledge. Here’s how.


  • Everyday meaning: A conceptual relationship — what something has to do with another thing. For example, how are hours spent practicing a musical instrument “associated” with higher standardized test scores? Maybe practicing musically builds your focus and self-discipline so you can perform better academically. …

Now more than ever, we need to be able to pay attention.

Learning can be fun or frustrating. What makes the difference?

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1. Using measures of the wrong thing

Does this tell us how marijuana usage has changed? (Source: ACLU Washington)

Is it really science of the brain, or just redundant psychology?

Do you think they haven’t heard from the “experts”?

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With Bias, You Can’t Claim a Result Applies to the Broader Population

Sometimes statistics “miss the mark” — they’re off from the true figure. (Image by Lucian Alexandru Motoc, via Dreamstime)

Lucia Bevilacqua

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